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On-demand Business

Implement eduSYMS and begin stocking supplies that can be ordered online and delivered or picked up on-demand using WhatsApp. eduSYMS is a platform that transforms a business into online on-demand storefronts.

Monitor fields from anywhere

Geotag Your Fields

Search for your area on the map and draw it as you add fields to the platform to have access to cutting-edge agricultural features such as weather, pests, input notes, and scheduling activities for specific fields.

make smart moves

Weather accuracy equals success.

Super local information is inevitably necessary in agriculture since it provides the greatest precision. We've worked with the world's finest weather servers to offer you incredibly accurate weather data for each of your fields.

Add notes from the office or while field scouting.

Track notes and pests using GPS.

Enhance your understanding of ongoing farm activities. Spraying and fertilization, for example, are accomplished with greater efficiency and traceability.

Sell directly to your customers

Online store with WhatsApp ordering

Within minutes, you may begin selling all of your farm goods online with multiple payment choices, including cash on delivery. Customers may order using WhatsApp, and drivers can begin delivering and collecting up orders.

All the time, be aware of your business

System of income and spending

The fundamental goal of tracking expenditure versus income is to ensure that spending does not exceed available revenue. The first issue, as with tracking expenditure versus budget, is determining whether sources of cash have large surpluses or deficits.

Addressing connectivity issues

When a consumer is ready and has received their order number, their order will be created, and the farmer will be notified via the agriSYMS Platform, SMS, WhatsApp, and email. Customers can use WhatsApp to send orders and communicate directly with the farmer.

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Pricing Plans

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R950/ farm.month


Premium features for individuals and companies

  • Sell online
  • Manage fields
  • Track expenses
  • Scouting and notes
  • Weather reports
  • Allergens
  • Own Domain
  • Payment Gateways
  • Webhooks
  • Print Node
  • Track Delivery
  • Appoint Managers
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R325/ farm.month


Limited features for individuals

  • Sell Online
  • Manage fields
  • Track expenses
  • Scouting and notes
  • Weather reports
  • Allergens
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Why our customers love our product


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Very Very Very powerful platform...

Arnold Chizunza - Farmer , South Africa

I'm enjoying using Edusyms. It's a user friendly system.

Austin Muridzi - Accountant, South Africa

Indeed. World class.

Mutumwa Mawere - Farmer, Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

How does it work?

You can easily create an account, verify your email address, and you're good to go. Start tracking expenses, weather reports, taking notes, and selling online after you've added your fields and crops.

How I can sell online?

agriSYMS Store Front is totally whitelabeled with your brand and will be served for your own domain. When an order is placed on your online store, you will receive an email or see it in the admin. Money is deposited directly into your account.

Can I track more than 1 field

Yes, you can track more than one field. Simply draw a polygon on the map to get satellite photos, statistics for the NDVI, EVI, NRI, DSWI, NDWI vegetation indices, hourly and daily weather forecasts, historical weather data, a historical NDVI chart, and more.

How does the weather system function?

We collaborate with the world's leading agriculture weather providers to provide you with the most accurate weather information and forecast for each of your fields.

What benefits does the system entail to enable great farming experience?

There are already various benefits to adopting agriSYMS that enable for a fantastic agricultural experience: seed to sell, fertilisers to pests, client contentment, and gathering customer reviews.

Can I print from agriSYMS?

agriSYMS can be configured to print order notifications on various printers throughout the ecosystem, including those in the packing house, kitchen, office, and security clearance, with the type of notification printed determined by order status.

Can I place an order at any time?

Users of agriSYMS can choose the time and date of the order, and farmers can set the order preparation time after receiving the order. When the order is ready for collection or pick-up, the customer will be notified.

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